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Results Nutrition
2014 Sydney Road
Valrico, Florida 33594
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Weight Loss Programs

 Workout Programs Available In Person or Online   

  • We build workout programs based on your training level. (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

  • All programs are designed based on a 3 to 5 day workout routine.

  • An easy to follow program is created for any given muscle group and contains how many exercises you need to complete, including sets & reps of each.

  • Cardio exercises are suggested that will be most beneficial in helping you reach your goals.

  • In order to maximize your results, we suggest completing personal training sessions with an exercise specialist.  They will be able to demonstrate and observe that proper technique and form is being conducted of your Workout Program.

  • A consultation can be set up for an in person meeting or via the telephone to discuss your needs. 

  • Program can be picked up in our office or sent via email. 

  • Parents - We can also provide Students with Weight Loss/Gain Programs and Personal Training Sessions.  Give them a head start on a Healthy Lifestyle and/or Additional Guidance if they play sports in school.


Weight Loss Programs Available In Person or Online  

  • 12 and 16 Week Weight Loss Programs Available.

  • Programs also available for those individuals needing to gain weight.

  • No Shots required!!!

  • Menu Selection consists of store bought foods.

  • This program can aid you in your weight loss goals along with increasing your energy levels.

  • Add a Workout Program to help in toning and added opportunity for weight loss.

  • Meetings can be set up in person or via telephone.

  • Maintenance programs available to help you keep your New Results way of life.

  • Programs are offered to any age group including Students!

Schedule your 30 minute Consult to talk about your goals today.


Personal Training Sessions

  • Offering 30 & 45 Minute Personal Training sessions in our Private Studio

  • Group Training sessions (2-3 persons at a time) are also available.  Training with a friend to help keep each other accountable.

  • All of the PT sessions we offer are set up to ensure you get the most for your time by utilizing technique and form!

  • All ages welcome including Students!


What Can Personal Training Do For You? 


In Personal Training we offer our clients a first class service. All of our trainers are Certified Personal Trainers. We provide our clients with in-depth and up to date information and well designed programs. Unlike your regular gym membership, personal training offers one on one motivation and instruction. Importantly, proper instruction in regards to technique and form which leads to decreased risk of injury, and in turn a more effective workout and quicker RESULTS. Clients can enjoy the quiet and relaxed atmosphere of our training studio, no more noisy gyms or waiting for machines. Importantly, we recognize that every one of our clients are unique, and all have specific goals and needs in terms of their training. At RESULTS we tailor each client’s program to meet those goals and needs.

Payment Plans are Available. Student Discounts Offered.  Contact Rodney Burton at (813) 571-9797 or email: for more information.

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