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Meet Darren Culmer
Darren Culmer
48 years old
Darren reached out to me about some information about our Results Weight Loss Program. He talked about his insanely busy schedule between working a full time job and running his own business in between that. I stated I can show you how my program has the flexibility to work with busy schedules. He also mentioned that his Cholesterol was high and I said no worries it will drop just following the meal plan. After going ofver the details of how the program works and how it would change his life. Darren scheduled an appointment to come in for his official weigh in and measurements. He came to Results on April 28th to sign up for our 12 weeks Results Weight Loss Journey. He started his Results Journey at 270 pounds. At his very first Weigh In he lost an almost unbelievable 20 pounds by following one of our meal plans. He stated that he couldnít believe how fast things started to work. He noticed an increase in his energy levels and the portions kept him from feeling hungry though out his day. He was truly excited by the whole process of not having to think about what to eat,when or how much. Because our meal plan does it all for you. At his second weigh in he lost 4 more pounds. Which brought his Weigh Loss Total to 24 pounds in just a month. Tell me thats not awesome! He had one complaint at this point...that his clothes didnt fit anymore. Well thatís actually a reward for his hard work. Here are his next weigh in numbers. He went on to lose after his next 4 weigh ins 6 lbs 12 lbs 2 lbs 2 lbs By the end of 12 weeks he had lost 46 pounds while looking and feeling like a new person. His metabolism and digestive system we rejuvenated which made him look and feel great. During the 12 weeks he had his yearly physical done. His doctor gave him some exciting news that his cholesterol had dropped significantly and actually all his tests came back looking better then ever. She wanted to know what he was doing differently. So he told her about our program. I just love helping my clients take back control over how they look and feell without any Fatburners or Appetite Suppressants. We only used protein poweder and the rest was food. I Just another testimony of how God is helping guide my clients to a healthier lifestyle. Thanks Darren for this incredible opportunity to team up with you on your Weight Loss Journey. #Blessed

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