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Results Nutrition
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Meet Casey Moore
Casey Moore
19 years old
Casey signed up for a 12 weeks Results Meal Plan with a workout program and personal training on May 9th to gain weight and strength.. He is a college baseball athlete with a super fast metabolism and gaining weight has always been a challenge for him. His weigh in before we started the program was 134 pounds. Our Journey started with Casey gaining 5 pounds at his first weigh in. He followed the meal plan perfectly and enjoyed eating larger portions along with the food recommendations for his meals. The personal training was off to a great start while teaching him proper technique and form on all exercises. This also helps him know how to execute his Results Workout Program while on his own. As we continued making adjustments to his meal plan and pushing him during each workout his weight went up to 140. At this point he was eating more food then ever before along with getting stronger and having more stamina for his workouts. His body was definitely growing from the foods he was eating daily. By the time we finished atfter 12 weeks he had gained 7 pounds and his weight was now 141 pounds. It was amazing to see him now eating double the amount of food he stated off eating....including 7 meals a day. He was also hitting the ball farther then ever before because of the strength we built. Not to mention having increased energy and stamina. Thanks Casey for giving the program the hard work and dedication in order to have these Results! Now you have a new Lifestyle to take back to college and continue to make gains. Im looking forward to hearing how things are going. I truly appreciate this opportunity to help you gain the knowledge behind Nutrition and Training. Have a great 2018 Baseball Season.

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