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Meet April Farkas
April Farkas
April Farkas Results Weight Loss Journey April signed up for RESULTS on 1/12/18. She joined along side her husband. * 1/31/18 - Results Health & Nutrition would like to Congratulate April. She lost an incredible 8 pounds at her first weigh in by following a Results Meal Plan. Your off to a great start April the best is yet to come. * 2/14/18 Results Health & Nutrition would like to Congratulate April Farkas got outstanding weigh in. April lost 5 more pounds for this weeks weigh in. April has lost an incredible total of 14 pounds. Keep striving towards a healthier lifestyle and you will continue to see Results! *2/27/18 April Farkas lost 4 more pounds at this weeks weigh in. Her new weight loss total is now 17 pounds. She is working really hard to get to her weight loss goal. She is following the program and having fun mixing up the foods from the Results Menu. Continue pushing for the stars April Farkas and you will be there in no time. *3/14/18 Weight Loss Results. Congratulations to April Farkas for losing another 3 pounds at yesterdayís weigh in. April has lost a total of 20 pounds in just 8 weeks while following our Results Weight Loss Meal Plan. Keep up the dedication and you will have even more Results along this journey. April and her husband Terry have lost a combined 50 pounds over the last 8 weeks following our Meal Plan. Now thatís what I call Teamwork. This is the reason why I stated my business 12 years order to teach people how to have more control over how they look and feel daily through Nutrition and exercise. I will never get tired of this job. God can do amazing things in your life if you let him inside your me this is all his doing and Iím just the messenger. #Godissoamazing * 3/31/18 Welcome to Results! Congratulations April Farkas on another great weigh in this past Tuesday. She lost 4 pounds and that brings her total weight loss to 24 pounds. She is not only changing her body but also molding her mind to a healthier lifestyle approach. The journey down the weight loss road is never easy but at Results we teach you the tools along the way for that success you have dreamed about. See Aprilís own words below. Keep giving the program your all and you will continue to inspire other women to change to a healthier lifestyle as well. Awesome 10 weeks April Farkas! *4/13/18 Terry Farkas and I started this meal plan 12 weeks ago, on the left. We've both worked really hard by eating all the right foods and putting in plenty of time at the gym. On the right is my last day of week 12. I've lost 25lbs and FEEL 100% better. I'm more confident and I'm wearing clothes I haven't worn in ages. The most amazing part is that neither of us have taken the first supplement or vitamin! HUGE shout out to Rodney Burton at Results Nutrition for my results, too! All I can say is this 12 weeks is just the beginning! We are on fire!!!! *4/24/18∑ Are You Ready For Results! Coming to the scale next is April Farkas. She had her weigh in late last night at Results around 815 pm and lost 4 pounds. ... thats right the end of the day when she had eaten most of her meals and drank majorly of her daily water intake and still lost weight. April has lost an amazing 29 pounds over the past 14 weeks on the Results Meal Plan. This Girl Is On Fire 🔥! Your patience and dedication has been very important and you Deserve Your Results! Keep at it thereís more to come! I just absolutely love my Job. #Patience #Dedication *5/4/18 Ok, I'm finally feeling like all this hard work is starting to really show. Started at the end of January and have been working hard.....really hard! Y'all know how much I love tacos, beer, wine, cheesecake.......pretty much food & drink in general but I wanted to feel good more than I wanted a moment of yum. It has come off about 2lbs/week and so many times hearing that I only lost 2lbs - 4lbs in TWO WEEKS felt like it wasn't working but 29lbs later......I'm feeling so much better! I have another weigh in on Monday and I'm excited to hear more results! @resultshealthnutrition has been such a blessing, teaching me how to get back on the fitness wagon. I used to struggle to fit in the clothes from my closet because they were getting too small but NOW I'm struggling to find clothes cause they are all getting too big!! All food, no pills, no supplements....all the feels ❤💪 Rodney Burton *6/2/18 Welcome To Results! I would like to send a Congratulations out to April Farkasfor another very impressive Weigh In this week. She lost 6 more pounds and that brings her to an incredible 33 pounds Weight Loss Total! She has been on Fire 🔥 for for living a Healthier Lifestyle since starting the Results Weight Loss Program. Everything about her has changed since starting her Journey only 19 weeks ago including her mind,body and soul. Your looking fantastic April keep up the great efforts because the Results are already revealing what the future beholds for you. I Love being a Coach. #loveyourself #nevergiveup#prayerchangesthings #hardwork #destiny

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