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Meet Terry Farkas
Terry Farkas
43 years old
Terry Farkas Results Weight Loss Journey! Terry came in for a consultation on January 5 2018 to discuss the Results Weight Loss Program. After discussing all of what the program had to offer such as regulating his energy levels,improving his digestive system, rejuvenating his metabolism, teaching him portion control and creating a grocery shopping menu. Terry and his wife April went home to think things over. He came back in about 2 weeks and we set his journey in motion. Here's a look at how his journey went. Weigh in 1 January 31 Results Health & Nutrition would like to congratulate Terry on his first weigh in. He lost 11 pounds by following our Result Weight Loss Program! Thanks Terry for this amazing opportunity to share some of my proven techniques for losing weight. Keep eating all of those meals and I will continue to guide your body towards your goals 1 meal at a time. Hard Work + Dedication = Results! Weigh in 2 February 19 ∑ Terry lost another 9 pounds at this weeks weigh in. That moves his total weight loss to and incredible 20 pounds. He never once thought that he would be able to see his abs...but as he looks in the mirror they are already showing up and we still have 8 more weeks to go. Keep up the awesome work Terry. February 27 Terry lost 2 more pounds at this weeks weigh in. Which brings his total weight loss to 23 pounds. Awesome job Terry Weigh In 4 March 14 Results Health & Nutrition would like to congratulate Terry Farkas on another exciting weigh in yesterday. He lost 7 pounds and now has lost a total of 30 pounds in just 8 weeks. The picture on the left is week 1 and the picture on the right is week 8. Terry is following a Results Weight Loss Program and itís helping him achieve his new look. No shots! No Appetite Suppressors! No Fat Burners! Just Nutrition coaching for what,when and how much to eat daily. We take the dream of losing weight and make it Reality at Results! I thank God for each and every opportunity to share my vision for a healthier lifestyle with my clients. God is doing awesome things within my business and along my journey in life. I love my job! #soveryblessed Weigh In 5 March 31 ∑ Welcome to Results! Congratulations to Terry Farkas he lost another incredible 3 pounds at his Tuesday weigh in. He has lost 32 pounds since starting one of our meal plans and his transformation is mind blowing! It just proves that proper Nutrition can and will always be a defining moment in changing everything about you and the life you live.The first pictures is week 1 the other 2 pictures is the start of week 11 on the Results Weight Loss Meal Plan. He just started a Results Workout Program so stay tuned for more Results. Keep living your days 1 meal at a time and 1 day at a time Terry and the best Results are yet to come! Just another reason why I love helping people lose weight...look at the confidence in his smile...just PRICELESS! 813-571-9797 or If you ready for a weight lose journey like Terry's #blessedbeyondbelief Weigh In 6 April Farkas is with Terry Farkas. April 13 ∑ Terry Farkas started 12 weeks ago on the left. He's worked really hard by eating all the right foods and putting in his time at the gym. On the right is the last day of week 12. What an amazing transformation! He has lost 33lbs and gained a tremendous amount of confidence and respect for a truly healthy lifestyle. The most amazing part is that he hasn't taken the first supplement or vitamin! Great job!! I'M SO VERY PROUD OF YOU!!! We are both sending a HUGE shout out to Rodney Burton at Results Nutrition for being an amazing coach each and every step of the way. He's worth every single penny! Weigh In 7 April 25 ∑ Reporting live from Results Health & Nutrition. Guess whoís up next.... Terry Farkas hit the scale this week and gained 1 pound. Now that he has loss a total of 33 pounds in just 12 weeks. Now it on to Phase 2. I call this The Rebuild Phase of his Results Meal Plan & Workout Program and itís already starting take shape nicely. We will be adding more Quality Muscle Mass to his physique in the coming months. Terry you are proof to those who read this post that changing your Nutrition approach alone can definitely have a huge impact on your lifestyle and gym time. I canít wait to see how that Workout Program unleash the New and improved You! Man Iím so proud of your dedication to the programs and watching take control of you future 1 Meal...1 Workout...1 Cardio Session and 1 Day at a Time. Congrats man your living life to the fullest and thats sometimes easier said than done. #Passion #Determination Weigh In 8 June 2 Real Results! Coming to the scale next is Terry Farkas. We are in The Rebuild Phase since he dropped 33 pounds in 14 weeks. He gained 3 pounds at this weeks weigh in. He is now up a total of 8 pounds during his clean bulking phase. Congrats Terry as we take this Journey in a different direction. Time to grow bigger and stronger while enjoying each one of our calculated portions! Let the fun begin. #determined #rebuild #cleanbulking #blessed

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